Elfman Uber Alles

By Jeffery Gauss
Cake, summer 1996

When it comes to soundtracks, Danny Elfman is a top performer and songwriter. With over 30 movie and television compilations completed he is one of the most creative talents in music today. My Favorites-

The Nightmare Before Christmas-Danny brings Jack Skeleton to life with 10 charming original songs. Incredible stop motion animated by Tim Burton Too!
Pee Wee's Big Adventure/Big Top Pee Wee-Two classic albums the charm of his music just makes you smile!
Back to School-Like a modern day composer his music reigns.
The Simpsons-I first heard this song and I was hooked.
Edward Scissorhands-Keeps you hopping.

Danny's Dark Side-

Batman-A classic.
Batman Returns-A classic again.
Dick Tracy-Thrilling music.
Darkman-Raw power and force.
Nightbreed-How does he do it?!
Beetlejuice-A must for all Elfman fans.

Other Elfman projects-Soundtracks: Midnight Run, Sommersby, Black Beauty, Delores Claiborne, Article 99, Mission Impossible, Scrooged, Wisdom, Tales from the Crypt, To Die For, Cabin Boy (Steve Bartek in the Elfman style)

Check out Elfman's "Music for a Darkened Theater" I think a hundred years from now I think Elfman's music will be among the classic music of John Williams, Alan Menken, Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi among others.

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