LA Times Article

by Steven Linan
Los Angeles Times, August 29th, 1995

The last Boingo: Oingo Boingo is calling it quits, with plans for a farewell concery or series of concerts in the LA area around Halloween--the holiday long-associated with special performances by the band. Manager Laura Engel says that the group "feels they lasted a decade longer than they ever would have imagined, and rather than being ambiguous about breaking up they want to do something definitive." Bandleader Danny Elfman and guitarist Steve Bartek are expected to continue their busy careers scoring films, each having done two upcoming movies (Dead Presidents and To Die For by Elfman, Cold Blooded and National Lampoon's Senior Trip by Bartek), while Elfman is also pursuing screenwriting. Dates and locations for the LA-area show or shows, which will concluse a brief tour of other Western US cities, will be announced soon.

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