Shrunken Heads Review

Take One-too-many
J.R. Taylor
Entertainment Weekly, Oct. 21, 1994 p.73

SHRUNKEN HEADS Julius Harris, Meg Foster (1994, Paramount, R, priced for rental)

With the 1980 cult flick Forbidden Zone to his credit, plus a vanishing reputation as an innovative theater director who helped give his composer brother Danny his start, Richard Elfman returns to filmmaking with the latest in the Full Moon line of live-action comic books. Given that the three lead characters are eactly what the title describes, the script wisely capitalizes on the humor of floating bodiless heroes. Of course, the movie still includes such Full Moon staples as kiddie-level violence and time-padding flashbacks, but Elfman's fun-loving touches manage to get this new series up and running with twisted enthusiasm.

Rev. Grade: B

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