Interview with Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez from AOL

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HCaulfi301:	are you bringing back the horn section for the last shows?
OB Rhythms:	YES. all the original horn section WILL be at the shows......
Ponine1:	will the last show be video taped??
OB Rhythms:	RE TAPING:  The shows WILL be audio taped for a possible live
HCaulfi301:	why the break up?!?
OB Rhythms:	Why the break-up.....most marriages disolve way before this.
STARBEARER:	What made you decide to join us here in our little room, OB?
OB Rhythms:	Because I wanted to let you know that I'm alive, and doing
a lot of other projects....
OB Rhythms:	.....without a publicist
STARBEARER:	I think the Mystics would be perfect here at the House of
Blues again, who should I bug?
ABRCRMBIE:	Will you still be working with Laura Engel?  Can we bug her?
OB Rhythms:	Bug Laura??????   YES!!!!!!!
HCaulfi301:	why don't your bands have a publicist?
HCaulfi301:	too small??
OB Rhythms:	HCaul.... no body parts references please.
OB Rhythms:	All Stars are currently working on a CD.
Clownodeth:	What kind of music is the All Stars?
OB Rhythms:	Style of AllStars is blusey rock with original thrash
HCaulfi301:	is there still going to be that last OB release? The hardcore
one. With Piggy?
OB Rhythms:	RE: Piggy... who knows?  If we get a good take from the shows.
ElizOz:	Do you guys (All Stars) still play at the Old Towne Pub?
OB Rhythms:	All Stars are regulars at the old town pub.
HCaulfi301:	Why did you hire Warren F.? Will he perform on the last tour?
OB Rhythms:	I personally have not heard if Warren will be available
for the last shows.
Clownodeth:	OB - Im flying to Vegas for the 21st - Anything special
OB Rhythms:	Clown..... YES...... I'm shaving my legs.
Derende:	OB - Are you guys dreading this many concerts in a row?
It's unusual
OB Rhythms:	Der.... I NEVER dread playing...... it's my life... it's my
wife... it's my night & my day.
Clownodeth:	OB - how many takes to do the Back to School scene?
OB Rhythms:	For 'back to school' we shot for three days.
ElizOz:	OB -- do you still have a crush on Bjork?? ;)
OB Rhythms:	Bjork..... I've spotted my chair.
OB Rhythms:	Someone mentioned my Trio.... it's straight ahead jazz...
upright bass and acoustic piano.
OB Rhythms:	The Trio album is also in the works.
OB Rhythms:	Trio and All Stars CD's will start out regional.... then how
DdManParty:	OB, what is your favorite song to play?
OB Rhythms:	My favorite song to play???? All of 'em... Why you got a
problem with that...HA HA HA...
OB Rhythms:	What about another release called VATOS FAVORITE OB TUNES?
HCaulfi301:	is Jazz drumming difficult?
OB Rhythms:	RE: Jazz drumming..... not if you practice 26 hours a
day....  which I do.
Clownodeth:	OB - Can I do the artwork for one of the releases?
OB Rhythms:	You know what I am looking for.... an artist to come to
the TRIO coffeehouse gigs and......
OB Rhythms:	paint real fast while I play.
Clownodeth:	Vatos, American Drummer by Norman Rockwell!
OB Rhythms:	Actually I was thinking of butt-cheek figures on canvas.
Derende:	OB, do you have a horror story from the road you can tell us?
OB Rhythms:	Horror story#1... the first time we were in N.Y. we rented a
motor home.....
OB Rhythms: broke down and we pushed it 4 blocks to our hotel.....
OB Rhythms:	and as I was pushing.... I was inviting people to our show.....
OB Rhythms:	I told everyone we were famous... but you know the way new
yorkers are...!!.
DdManParty:	is this the Mystic Knights, or OB?
OB Rhythms:	That was OB... post MK's
OB Rhythms:	The place was close to sold out with many familliar faces.
OB Rhythms:	How could I forget... there's yet another band I play with
called the 'closet surfers'...
OB Rhythms:	.....true southern california surf music.
OB Rhythms:	AND .....VATOS THE MOVIE STAR.... Coming soon... 'Dusk till
Dawn'... directed by Robert Rodriguez...
OB Rhythms:	with Quenton Terentino.
OB Rhythms:	I play in a punk mariachi band in the 'titty twister' bar
and at the end of our two songs...
OB Rhythms:	I morph into a vampire and BLOW UP... REAL GOOD!!
OB Rhythms:	'Dusk till Dawn' will be out at Christmas time.
Clownodeth:	OB - Whats it like working with John Avilla? You guys are
a great rhythm section.
OB Rhythms:	John Avila is one of the best bass players I ever played
with ...  in my life!!
HCaulfi301:	what happened to Culture Clash?
HCaulfi301:	and the Impalas?
DdManParty:	What about more Food For Feet
OB Rhythms:	Culture Clash MAY be coming back on the air... FFF is history...
HCaulfi301:	OB does that Jed the Fish guy know you guys? Or is he just
speculating ?
OB Rhythms:	Jed the fish is our PEEEERRRRSSSSOOOONNNNAAAALLL friend!!
OB Rhythms:	Well now that I know where you all live..... you'll be on
the e-mail list.
OB Rhythms:	Well, now that you all have my email address.... post me
OB Rhythms:	Please don't vote for Pete Wilson
Who2B2day:	Any smudges of truth in the possibility of adding more
shows after 10/28?
OB Rhythms:	More shows??? We're still examining the butt-cheek sand
paintings... we'll get back to you.
OB Rhythms:	I pose this ? to you all.... are you BUYING all the death
and gloom in the world....
OB Rhythms:	.....or are you all listening to yourselves and having a good
time..... I AM!!!
GrnWlf:	I'm I enjoy the death and gloom!
AJ RSM:	All you can do is do your best and enjoy
ElizOz:	Ah, we listen to *you* and have a good time!!
Clownodeth:	What doom and gloom? Look at us here. Were having a blast
and the naysayers cant take that away
Who2B2day:	and we aren't going to let the magic fade away, just cuz
the "performances" have ended.
OB Rhythms:	Before I log off.... let's devise a secret signal...listen
OB Rhythms:	The SPOCK sign upwards, for VATOS... and downwards for
ElizOz:	OB -- is that with the left hand or right hand?
Who2B2day:	We were goofing around once and came up with a classy sig.
for you:    <>:)
OB Rhythms:	Thank you for my new sign!!!
OB Rhythms:	Well.... gotta go....
Clownodeth:	Thanks OB - For the time here today and the great times with
Boingo heres to a great future...
AJ RSM:	thanks for the fun
ElizOz:	Thank you for coming, Sir -- please come back whenever!
Who2B2day:	Thanks so much for joining us here - we loved it!
Clownodeth:	Join us here again soon
GrnWlf:	Yes, thank you very much.
Who2B2day:	Do it again sometime - please?
DdManParty:	thanks so much OB
STARBEARER:	I also add my thanks!
Clownodeth:	Bring John A. with you sometime
Clownodeth:	we can jam!
DdManParty:	see ya around OB
AJ RSM:	hope to see you at the coach house
GrnWlf:	On halloween at the latest....
Who2B2day:	Don't forget Tuesday PM's at 8 PST!
GrnWlf:	Drop by anytime!

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